Shelly Dimmer 2 with Motion Sensor

  • Hi guys,

    hope everybody is well. This is my first topic here: I am currently equipping our new old building with Shellys. Most of the equipments are Shelly Dimmer 2. So far they work pretty reliable, however today I have connected the Dimmer 2 to a Motion Sensor (Steinel 180-2), and although the motion sensor picks up (I checked voltage) it is not activating the Dimmer.

    I tried all button settings; neither work. On some web pages I was reading something about an additional relais? Why would that be needed?

    Hope somebody can support, many thanks in advance.



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  • Guten Morgen Seibmai,

    vielen Dank! Sorry, dachte das Forum ist nur in Englisch ;-) Ok, also muesste ich noch ein Zwischenglied ("Snubber") einbauen hinter den Ausgang des Bewegungsmelders und vor SW1 am Shelly?

    Vielen Dank!


  • Alles klar, jetzt faengt es an Sinn zu machen, danke.
    Gibt es da ein paar etablierte Relais fuer den Dimmer 2? Wuerde dann testweise mal eins bestellen.