New features requestest (if possible)

  • Hello

    I just bought (very numerous !) shelly items to automatise my home.
    If some of the conceivers read this message :

    Bugs :
    When I associate the shelly item at first time and it is asked if I want to join the cloud, every time it does not work. When I say no and I go back to newly created component to join the cloud just after, it works...

    Few translation errors in French translation. And a lot of phrases not translated. I can correct if you need.

    Modifications asked :
    - it would be great if we could reset the total consumption counter in the app/web interface only using a drawned push button (best : with a button in the intrefaces and with a command we can call). Reboot the component seem to zero the datas but it is not very convenient.

    - for security, stopping relay if comsuption is more than xxx watts : it would be great to allow a x second (that could be changed) autorisation because of motors that use a lot of current when they start but only for a very little time.

    - in the app refreshing by pushing from top to button is not very convenient, a refresh button would be best

    - more icons to associate shelly items with would be welcome in the interface

    Best regards