Shelly RGBW2 in Apple HomeKit through Hoobs

  • Hi hope someone could help me out if at all possible? I'm using a RGBW2 Shelly for a led strip which I can operate through the Shelly app. I've also linked the Shelly to Apple HomeKit by using a Homebridge with Hoobs on a RPi. With the Shelly app I can exactly indicate what amount of white I want to use and for instance also go for 100% white. By using the gain I can choose the clarity. In this copy-paste you can see I've chosen for full white channel and 19% gain.

    Shelly RGBW2.jpeg

    If I use the Apple HomeKit button for the LED to operate I get the options below:

    Shelly RGBW2 HomeKit.jpeg

    By clicking on change in the middle I get the following:

    Shelly RGBW2 HomeKit2.jpeg

    which gives me the option to pick a color and change temperature, but not at all the 100% white channel.

    Is there a kind of workaround or is it a no go? Thx for the feedback. Jan

  • I think this is actually a limitation in Homekit. I've never seen separate controls in HomeKit for the separate white channel. The closest I've come is sticking the button right in the middle of the color wheel and choosing one of the temps to the left and right side (less yellow)