Using 1L for 2 switches, one for bulb and one for virtual action

  • Hi folks.

    I am new to Shelly devices, but half of my house already wired with it, and I am very happy with it.

    My question is if I can use Shelly 1L for a bulb, and use the "SW2" input for a virtual action (activate a scene for example). in other words, using 1L for a consumer using "SW1" and as sensor for "SW2".


  • gabik

    Set the Label from Shelly 1L to Shelly 1
  • By MQTT you meant the I/O URL actions?

    MQTT is client /server system for HomeAutomation which can be used by OpenHAB, ioBroker, HomeAssistant..

    But the I/O actions can be used for swtichting on/off an additional light for sure..

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