Shelly 2.5 control sliding door

  • I am trying to figure out if I can use 1 Shelly 2.5. Does roller blind mode also work for sliding doors? The control wires are as follows:

    24v Power +




    Stop (not going to use)

    Lock (not going to use)

    In my testing, closing the connecting with a jumper cable between COM(GND) and Open opens the door. Between COM(GND) and Close close. duh, but this is all new for me.

    With voltmeter, there is 3.6V between control cables and GND. 24V between + and -

    Can I use a 2.5 for this?

    Power 24V to Shelly N

    GND to both Shelly L's

    Open to Shelly O1

    Close to Shelly O2

    Or I could just use 2 x shelly 1, but that would be less elegant. I don't want to fry this sliding door mechanism.

  • Hi,

    if you want to use the 2.5 you need to add two Relays to seperate the 3.6V from Door-control and the Shelly-outputs.

    Using two shelly1 is much easier because the contacts of the relay are dry contacts.

    Viele Grüße,





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    Ich freue mich die Systeme miteinander zu verknüpfen und damit final Cloudverweigerer werden zu können.

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