Shelly 2.5: Problem with cloud, web interface and power measurement.

  • Hello folks,

    Recently I configured my first Shelly 2.5 for my shutters. The 2.5 is operating alright in the roller shutter mode but I have the following major problems:

    1. The Shelly will not connect to the cloud. I tried factory resetting the device multiple times but with no luck. I'm aware of the long UID firmware fix and it appears that the Shelly has the correct firmware. Checkout the following two screenshots.



    2. I do not get any web interface when I try to locally access the Shelly's web interface using its IP from a browser. All I get is the following:
    {"rssi": 0, "power": 0.00}, is this expected for Shelly 2.5?

    3. When I move the shutters up or down using the Shelly Android app no power consumption is reported. It is always 0 watts.