GU10 Bulbs too High (Long 73 mm) or light fixture not deep enough

  • Hi All,

    I recently purchased 4 of the RGBW Duo GU10s with the purpose of using them as outside ground lights, the fixture is cemented in the ground, but I found out that the bulb are about 10 mm too high/long at 73mm and the glass cover cant screw properly into the the fixture.

    Normal (Dumb) GU10s are around 50 mm compared to Shellys 73.

    Does anyone know if there is a smaller bulb alternative to use? I would love Shelly version as I like the open aspect.

  • I agree and all the product images for the light is kind of deceptive because it looks on the site (if you don't read the specs) that they are sized like "normal" lightbulb but in the produkt images are not representative for the real product.