Need some help installing Shelly1 into my industrial garage port

  • So i wanted to make my Garage door smart, and available through my phone, and Shelly1 seems to be a good oppertunity to do this. However I'm facing some problems i hope you can help me with. The garage door is operated at the following voltages 400VAC, 230VAC and 24VAC.. Yes, no DC, so because of that i wired the shelly up to use 230VAC since thats the only supported voltage range available. It works fine and i can access the Shelly1's webinterface, and have set it up.

    The port already has a remote to operate the port via a toggle, so it switches between opening and closing the port. If i wire the Shelly1's 0 and 1 port up to this, i can Open and close the port fine through the interface. I do however wish to use the SW port to read out the current ports status, but do you have any idea how to do this?

    Yesterday i thought i had the right solution by adding a distance sensor from an Arduino that i could place on a fixed position of the garage door frame, along with something to block the distance sensor, on the port itself, triggering it. I would then power it through the 3.3v and GND GPIO ports on the Shelly1 and then attaching the third wire from the sensor to the SW port of the Shelly, which resulted in the Shelly1 and distance sensor blowing up. Ups.. Fortunately i have another Shelly to work with, but before i do anymore experiments i wish to hear some suggestions from in here?

    IMG_1142.JPGIMG_1140 - Copy.JPG

  • Temperature? I don't know why temperature would be involved.

    Anyway in that thread theres a IR obstacle detection distance sensor Arduino, and i actually have one of those that looks exactly like that in the picture. So if i want to wire that one up i should NOT use the SW terminal on the Shelly but instead rely on the GPIO pins ?

  • Okay, but why do i need the temperature addon? I'm not interested in temperature readings. I simply want to know the state of the garage port i.e. if its open or not.

    EDIT: Alright i read on another page that the temperature sensor addon is required otherwise the GPIO pins will be connected to AC, which is probably why i blew up the other Shelly1 i had.

    If i could find a DC output on the circuit in the picture above that would tell me if the port is open or not. Theres a LED indicating this, maybe i can connect SW to that? Or would that not work when i use 230V AC as power for the Shelly?

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  • wouldn't work, sw need to be from the same source

    Okay how about this then : I get a simple magnetic switch which can be used on 230VAC, and then place the magnetic part on the garage door, and the other part a fixed place on the frame. When the magnet is alligned with the wires it will short the switch. I would then connect one wire to SW and another to N ?