Shelly1 - SW entry - MQTT

  • Hello !

    First sorry for my english, i'm not fluent ;)

    I have a shelly1 connected on MQTT. It works perfectly using HomeAssistant or the GUI in order to switch on / switch off a light. MQTT is corretly configured because i can see the state of the shelly (relay topic on/off).

    I would like to have the value of the entry "SW" into MQTT or HA. this entry SW is connected to a toggle switch, in order to switch on / switch off the light . You can see the connections above :

    Capture d’écran 2020-12-05 134245.jpg

    The button type is configured as "toggle switch" in the GUI of the shelly1. The firmware update is the last beta 20201202-135844/v1.9.3-rc3@50c6ab57. But when i'm using the toggle switch, the topic shelly1/input is allways on value "0=1", whatever the toggle switch was on or off.



    The automation i want to do : if the switch is "on" for 60s, then switch on the light. So this SW entry needs to be "detached".

    Have you an idea for what's wrong ?