Command by three light points with the Shelly 1L

  • Hi, I would like to know if the Shelly 1L can replace the Shelly 1 in the configuration with two switches and an inverter (controlled by three light points with the Shelly 1L). If so, is it possible to publish the relevant simplified scheme? Furthermore, in the specifications given in the Shelly 1L manual it is written that when the device is used without neutral, it requires a load of at least 20 W. If the load is less than this value, the Shelly Bypass must be used (this is the case that controls most of the time given the LED bulbs that are used today). The operation diagram shown in the manual, however, is not clear to me as it would seem (to me of course) that the Bypass should be positioned parallel to the payload (in this case the bulb). At this point, such an operation (to be carried out how?) I believe would cancel all the advantages of using the Shelly1L without neutral.

    Is it possible to clarify my ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Jo, thanks for the reply. The question I raised is not about how to mount the bypass in parallel (which obviously does) but rather where to mount it, which in my opinion reduces the advantages of using the Shelly 1L.

    Surely I have not been able to clarify my arguments well and for this I am attaching a document with the wiring of the Shelly 1L that I would like to make. and with a new exposition of my affairs (I hope clearer).

    Best regards



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  • Hi,

    thanks for the drawing!

    To our knowledge, this is not going to work. Currently there is a discussion in the German section whether you could connect the switches to power (L) and someone wants to try this tomorrow, but at least at this point it looks as if a switch needs to be connected to O or Sx on the Shelly 1L, see here: Anschlussschemen Shelly 1L

    Regarding the bypass: You are correct, the bypass needs to be mounted in parallel to the load. However I think you are missing the point: The 1L is for situations in which there is no neutral wire next to the switch. It is not possible to use e.g. Shelly 1 in this situation (or only with big drawbacks). So this is not about reducing the work of installation, it's about making the installation possible in the first place! In some cases you will have to install the bypass next to (in parallel) the load, but there's no other solution for this. (and in general it's always possible to mount the bypass - provided there is space - because the load needs to be connected to power and neutral! so even in all installations without neutral wire there is neutral next to the load)

    btw, if you have a neutral wire next to a switch, there is no reason to use 1L! Just use Shelly 1 :)

  • Hi AU, thanks for the reply. Your considerations on the bypass are certainly acceptable.

    Regarding the fact that you propose the use of the neutral wire if I had one available, I just want to remind you that the second wiring of the drawing that I sent last time foresees the use of the Shelly 1 when I have three light points consisting of 2 two-way switches and 1 three-way switch. So the wiring in the case of the availability of the neutral wire I have already solved.

    Now, instead I would like to know:

    1. Is it possible to insert a Shelly 1L instead of Shelly 1 in that configuration (2 two-way switches and 1 3-way switch) because I don't have the neutral wire available?

    2. if so, how should the Shelly 1L be connected?

    I am also attaching a drawing to make me understand better.

    Best regards


  • look the connection diagrams for Shelly 1L! ->…ung-ohne-n-bypass-v2-png/

    if with two-way circuit, then it also works with three-way circuit (extended two-way circuit).

    Problem could be the missing third wire between the switches!

  • hi SparkyMaster,

    taking advantage of your suggestions, I made the wiring shown in figure 4) of the attachment.

    Do you think it can work or not?


    • Wiring-B-A.pdf

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  • Hi AU, can you help me solve the problem I posed to SparkyMaster too, but unfortunately I have not received an answer? Can you check if the wiring shown in figure 4) of the attachment posted to SparkyMaster can work according to you?


  • Hi!

    I propose, in attachment, two possible solutions to the problem I initially raised, that is to insert a Shelly 1L in a wiring where there are 2 two-way switches and 1 three-way switch.

    What do you think? Will you let me know if they are shareable?