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    • Shelly Type: Shelly 1
    • Firmware Version: 1.9.3
    • Router or AccessPoint: UAC-AP-PRO, UAC-AP-LR
    • Static IP or DHCP: DHCP

    Shellys are randomly rebooting multiple times a day, usually in every 30-35 mins.

    Now I have rolled back all devices to 1.8.5, looks to be much more stable, no restarts (connection drops) in the last 3-4 hours.

    One device is still on 1.9 and it keeps rebooting (I use the addon switch, that is why it is not rolled back to 1.8)

    • Shelly Type: Shelly 2.5
    • Device Mode (if Shelly Type is Shelly 2.5) : Relay
    • Firmware Version: 1.9.3
    • Router or AccessPoint: Ubiquiti Nano HD (AP) and Fritzbox (router)
    • Static IP or DHCP: DHCP

    For a few days, every 30-60 minutes the device disconnects from the internet (and therefore from the cloud, being enabled), but continues to be reachable in the local network. Only a power cycle can get it reconnected.

    • Shelly Type: Shelly 1
    • Firmware Version: 1.9.3
    • Router or AccessPoint: Nest Wifi Access Point
    • Static IP or DHCP: DHCP

    I have 3 Shellys installed, same software version. 1 of them keeps getting Offline and I cannot control it, only reconnects after reboot (switch OFF and ON on the breaker...). When its online, it has very weak signal (shows red when I open the web interface with its IP address). The issue started happening last saturday 09.01.2021). At that day also, all the Shelly's went offline in the cloud, but were still working in local network (except the one with weak signal I describe below). Now the cloud seems to work, but one device is still offline and uncontrolable (even locally)

    Of these 3 Shelly, one of them is connected to the main router, and has strong wifi signal.

    The other 2 are connected to the Nest Wifi Access point:

    - one of them in my kitchen, far away from the access point (10 meters, 1 wall in between) and works OK

    - the one that keeps dropping is CLOSER to the access point (around 3 meters), has no cover on it, and is free from any blocker (no object between the Shelly and the router, no wall, 3 meters in free air).

    So I find it weird that the Shelly closer to the access point has weak signal. All other devices I have get full bars in that same location.

    • Shelly Type: Shelly 1PM, Shelly 2.5, Shelly Plug S
    • Firmware Version: 1.9.3
    • Router or AccessPoint: MIST-AP43, MIST-AP41
    • Static IP or DHCP: Static and DHCP

      From time to time they automatically reboot (although reboot is completely disabled) and they start to broadcast the original SSID. If I log into that I have full access to all settings (despite username is filled) and need to issue a manual reboot for the shelly to re-join my home network. This is really "ugly" and frightening - have 93 of them currently installed...

    92x Shelly 1PM, 92x TempAddon (mit je 3 Fühlern), 15x Shelly 2.5, 6x Shelly Dimmer 2, 1x Shelly 3EM, 5x Shelly RGBW2, 8x Shelly Plug S, 12x Shelly H&T, 4x Shelly Flood, 15x Shelly Door & Window 2 - und das alles ohne Strahlenschutzanzug! Brauche ich Hilfe? :P

  • Sorry to change the Format... but what are the next Steps planned here? This has been going on for a while now and its really sad to not have any Solution. Admin