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  • Hello everybody,

    Inspired by this post by the german user gerty , I came up with the idea of collecting everything in a single post

    • we (the users) are missing
    • what we would like to have changed
    • additional options

    shortly: constructive proposals for extension.

    With a little bit luck and with appropriate objectivity, one or the other may even be involved in product planning.

    (After all, we are now the official German and Multilingual Shelly support forum ;))

    If there are many contributions, I can collect these in a list gladly in the 1. Thread. Converted points accordingly will be marked.

    So go ahead.


    Summary of contributions:

    • Delete function for uploaded images in the app
    • when connecting a new Shelly the app should remember the wifi password
    • Long Press Button Function for Shelly 1 via the Shelly Cloud app
    • There should be the option of using an ntp address as the time server (for the operation mot MQTT / without cloud), or the shellies should at least use the MQTT server (its IP address) automatically as a time server in case of MQTT operation.
    • The energy values should also be displayed in the WEB-IF
    • The energy values should be stored fail-safe on the Shelly.
    • It should be possible to set / reset the energy counter via MQTT / WEB-IF.
    • It should be possible to have the names of each channel with its own Labels, so that it#S not always just "Channel 1, Channel 2, ... to see
    • Widgets would be a great thing
    • Using of MQTT & Cloud at the same time
    • Alexa & Google Home support for Shelly Sense IR devices ("Alexa, turn on the TV")
    • Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * in the HTTP header, so that you can use the REST API directly via Javascript. Currently this is not possible due to Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) & Cross-Origin Read Blocking (CORB).

    Your further suggestions will be attached here in this 1. posting, and the list will continue to be compared with the German theme.

    LG / best regards


    Ich übernehme keine Haftung für von mir gegebene Antworten, Tipps und veröffentlichte Projekte! Jeder ist für sich selbst verantwortlich! Arbeiten an 230V sind in Deutschland von einer Elektrofachkraft auszuführen!

    Einsteigertipps / Tips for beginners

    Mein System / my system:

    Homematic CCU2 + Homematic Charly (CCU3) mit Fremdkopplungen:
    unter Anderen 3x Shelly 1, 4x Shelly 2.5, 1x Shelly Bulb, 5x Shelly Plug S, 1x Shelly RGBW2 und 1x Shelly H&T im Produktivbetrieb.

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