Live Wire in Switch input

  • Hi. I've wired about 6 shelly1 so far and had no issues, but now I encountered a wall switch in my house which is a bit different. There is no neutral wire exposed, only a hot wire that goes to the light.

    In the ceiling junction box I have a neutral, and a separate live wire, which I could use to power the Shelly, but I still want to be able to use the existing wall switch.

    Is it somehow possible to use a live wire for the SW input, or do i need a neutral?

    I'm attaching a picture that hopefully is clear enough. (Blue is N and Brown is L)

    If you have any idea how I could install the shelly and still use the wall switch normally (apart from redoing the wiring) I would be very thankful!


  • After looking through the wiring diagrams in the Lexicon I found that the first example 'Button Circuit' was in fact using the live wire for the switch input ||

    I was confused since the examples in the manual only ever showed using the neutral line for the switch (As far as I recall)

    Anyway, I wired it up and it's working perfectly! :)