Shelly 1 with Vent-Axia Sentinel Kinetic ventilation system

  • Hi,

    I installed another Shelly 1 and got it connected with my heat recovery ventilation system (Vent-Axia Sentinel Kinetic).

    The ventilation system also comes with a nr of terminal connections (see attachments). I have connected the Shelly 1 IO to SW4 and can use the Shelly app to switch from a normal (30%) to boost (50%) airflow (and back) modus. Initially I had to push the button twice before it switched back to normal but solved that with setting the Auto Off to 2 secs.

    Now it works fine as explained above. One question... Is there a way to get a visual indication that the 50% modus is active? Now it's a just a gray button so if I am not in the proximity of the system, I can only guess how much air it is generating.

    Thank you

  • Any feedback on this?

    Shouldn't I combine the Shelly 1 with a 1PM for this type of setup?

    1. Keep using the Shelly 1 to control the ventilator with a volt-free contact to control boost on/off.
    2. Next to that put a Shelly 1PM between the regular 220V input of the ventilator and measure the ventilator power consumption.
    3. I assume that the ventilator in boost modus will use more electricity so based on the consumption level, I could determine the modus.

    Now if my reasoning is correct --- Do you have the option to config the logic to, based on the measurement with the Shelly 1PM, switch the button indicator ON/OFF of the Shelly 1? Can you do this within the Shelly env or should you use IFTTT for that purpose?

    Thanks, D