Pinging Shelly1 IP address -- no response

  • I am playing around with a couple of Shelly1 devices, attempting to integrate into HomeAssistant.

    I can set up these switches to connect to my WiFi and be operated via the Shelly App on my cell phone -- no problem.

    When I try to integrate into Home Assistant it asks for a "Host Name", which I provide as "shelly1-500291edf7eb". However, I get back a message "failed to connect". So next, I thought I would try the Shelly1 IP address. When I check the Shelly1 device via my cell phone app I can find its IP address listed under "Device Information" as When I enter this address into Home Assistant I still get "failed to connect". If I do an IP address scan of my network it finds nothing at If I try to ping I get no response.

    So if is not the correct IP address, how does my cell phone app know where to find the device? Is there something I am not understanding?

    Thanks in advance

  • OK, so apparently I "solved" my problem -- but it is a bit interesting.

    I had been entering my WiFi credentials by connecting to Shelly at using my iPhone and the Safari web browser. This set up the Shelly and enabled me to control it via the Shelly iPhone app, but as I mentioned above the IP address was not showing up when I scanned my network, pinged it, or tried to connect via Home Assistant.

    At some point I used my desktop computer instead of my cell phone and connected via Google Chrome at When I added my WiFi credentials using my desktop, now the IP address shows up with a network scan, it responds to pings and it is now discoverable by Home Assistant.

    This behavior repeated with a 2nd Shelly switch.

    So there is some issue if you enter your WiFi credentials using iPhone Safari browser versus Windows Chrome browser.

    In addition, I noticed that the firmware update didn't update is I did it using iPhone Safari but did update using my desktop Chrome browser.

    Sometimes I think configuring all this stuff is mostly a matter of navigating your way around software bugs.