Install Shelly 1 in combination with 2 way wall switch - UK

  • Hello,

    I bought a Shelly1 and I'm struggling to install it in a two way switching system.

    Most of the diagrams I found show the installation in the ceiling rose, however I'd like to know if it would be possible to install it behind one of the 2 wall switches.

    My system looks identical to the diagram below (original link)


    • switch1 (the bottom one on the diagram) has more space as it has fewer wires. It only has a "three core and earth" cable. If possible my preference would be to install the Shelly behind this switch.
    • switch2 (the top one on the diagram above) has the "three core and earth" cable connecting to switch1, plus a twin and earth cable (with permanent live and a switched live) going to the ceiling rose.

    None of the switches has a Neutral cable and that's the main reason I'm wondering if installing the Shelly behind the wall switches in this setup is even possible.

    I would like both switches to continue working as they currently do and having the Shelly as a third way of controlling the lights.


  • ok, one possibility is putting Shelly1 in ceiling rose and make this conexions in this junctions:

    brown from switch1: remove from the actual terminal strip, and connect to Shelly1-L

    New wires:

    - from Shelly1-0 to brown wires terminal strip

    - N to Shelly1-N

    - L to Shelly1-L, and Shelly1-I

    Remember setting shelly1 button type to "Edge Switch"

    Note: I recommend that you use reusable terminal blocks

    Good luck!.