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  • Hi,

    I had my dimmer2 connected with neutral because wifi was not stable without it.

    WIth the latest improvements in firmware I thought I'd try without neutral again (no neutral available where I want to use it). Wifi is stable now but after a few minutes the divice swithes off with Error 1.

    My guess is this is overtemperature since in the states json I see the temp running up over 100C.

    It did not do this with neutral connected. Any ideas?

  • Hi and welcome to the forum. :)

    ... Can go up to 253 volt during a sunny day.

    I think, this is to much.

  • Hi and welcome to the forum. :)

    I think, this is to much.

    After some more experimenting I don't think voltage is the problem.

    It does go into overtemperature is mains voltage is over 250 Volts but the error1 happens with lower mains voltage too. And in that case temperature is not to high.

    See below screenshot after the error happens.


    It tried to change leading edge to trailing edge but the device seemed to crahs when I did that. Had to take is from power to get it running againa. No even the reset switch on thae back recovered it.

  • I experience same problem without neutral. I believe the load is too little (in my case 13W) . It should work still on paper. Hopefully they fix it

    I'm afraind not..

    This is what I got from Shelly support.

    This is a Zer-crossing error. It can be due to your load or due to a lot of noises over your power network. We are not able to confirm.

    Please use it with Neutral connected.

    Thank you for your time!

  • Thanks for this. it somehow makes sense, as in my case this happens randomly and previously happened as well on other lights where i had to install neutral at the end. Sometimes works great and sometimes is really is a pain. Question is how to solve it though. I hope that they soon make Tasmota available for dimmer 2 and get more control over such settings. I doubt Shelly will release firmware update to make this less of an issue. Since technically the shelly starts i see no reason to forcefully shut down after 1-2 minutes of operation due to this.