Shelly Pro power cycle a channel

  • I'm wondering if I can use a Shelly Pro (or maybe Pro Plus) for power management in my home office network. One of the things I need to be able to do is remotely power cycle the Internet router, not often needed but very important when it is needed. The critical feature is to switch off a channel and then have it automatically switch back on again after a delay usually 1 minute but probably even a shorter delay would be ok.

    You can't turn it off, then back on again because the Internet connection will be gone and wifi too!

    Is there a way to do this in the Shelly Pro? Maybe it could be done with the Shelly Pro Plus scripting?

    I think Allterco would sell a lot of these in the network market, the usual equipment for this is a great deal more expensive.

  • There is a timer function (auto on) in the Shellys, also 4Pro. There you can set, if off, after x seconds again on. This works even if the shelly has no internet at that moment. The timer is still running.

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