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  • Hi all,

    I'm new to Shelly and to the forum. My question is what parameter value I have to put in the Action URL to get the different values for temperature Humidity and Battery?

    Today I have a URL looking like this:…ata.php?id=1&temperature=tmp.value&humidity=hum.value&battery=bat.value

    Is it something I have missunderstood or doing wrong?

    Yes, the server address is a https, is that a problem?

    Is there any start/end tags I should use for the parameter values?

    I appreciate any thoughts and idéas! that can help me forward

    Kind regards

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  • Hi and welcome to the forum, Bjorn, :)

    Shelly can only http.

    But perhaps, you can ask the shelly from your server side:




    Sorry, I just see just right now, you're talking about H&T, there it's not possible in this way because the sleep mode.;(

  • Hi Stefan!

    Moved the scripts and other to a non https address and some data are now coming thru.

    I now got humidity, but no temperature or battery values.
    Is the short-codes: tmp.value and bat.value correct or is there other shortcodes to use?

    Thanks for your effort and help!

    Kind regards,

  • Hi,

    following actions URL feature...

    I was able to add listener for Shelly H&T "action" url - is there any more specific documentation on what values can be posted?

    by simply entering my IP/port of the listener in the actions URL I was able to get this details:

    GET //???/??hum=47&temp=24.38 HTTP/1.1
    Content-Length: 0
    User-Agent: Shelly/20200812-091311/v1.8.0@xxxxxx (SHHT-1)

    This can be easily parsed with regex.

    Any chance to get battery level this way?

    This would make full logic of my Shelly H&T integration as push notifier instead of pinging it for status with GET it might update "on change" when it wakes up...

  • Ok,

    So without the extra coding for pinging back to the Shelly (not available to me)
    the only data I can get is the temperature and humidity.

    Here is the URL I have put together and set in my action URL field in my Shelly H&T
    device to get the info back to my server:

    The Shelly H&T device then adds (without me putting any more info to the string):

    Important (as said by Stefan above) the Shelly device cannot connect to a "https://" address.

    I would love to have the battery level also automatically added ie. bat=97
    Where in this example 97 is the percentage of the remaining battery level.

    THEN this little amazing thing would really rock the boat! ?

    Maybe something that could be implemented in a future firmware?


  • Hi LordMav, 66er and all, thanks for this thread.

    I'm also trying to retrieve the info from a H&T sensor back into InfluxDB.

    At the moment I have telegraf collecting info from other sensors (Shelly EM with power meter clamps) and populating an influxdb, that I then visualise with grafana - this is still all new stuff to me as I got my first raspberrypi and command line credentials in the last couple of weeks - I'm a molecular biologist :)

    What I understand from what you write there, the H&T sensor sleeps most of the time thus cannot be pinged for info. But there is a "action URL" that we can set in the Shelly app, to trigger data collection by another function/script (telegraf?). Is this more or less the gist of it?

    What I don't understand/know is to configure whatever will collect the data once the action URL is triggered. Is it possible to use telegraf to "hear" this action URL and collect the message from the H&T sensor and send it to influxdb?



  • Hi nuno, welcome to the forum. :)

    I don't know anything about telegraf and so i'm sorry. I coudn't help.

  • Hi 66er ,

    Thanks for your fast reply. No problem about telegraf :) it was just as an example.

    What I want to know is how to get the reading from the H&T sensor using the action URL. Is it possible to send them to a file that gets re-written every time a new reading comes in? Because, since the sensor sleeps, I cannot ping it to get the values...

    I have the feeling that what I'm asking is quite basic, so please, feel free to just point me to a general direction and I can do some more searching (keywords...?).


  • I don`t think, that this is possible in your way.

    In homematic, i trigger an variable which trigger a programm, which requests the status-data from H&T.