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  • Hi all,

    I'm new to Shelly and to the forum. My question is what parameter value I have to put in the Action URL to get the different values for temperature Humidity and Battery?

    Today I have a URL looking like this:…ata.php?id=1&temperature=tmp.value&humidity=hum.value&battery=bat.value

    Is it something I have missunderstood or doing wrong?

    Yes, the server address is a https, is that a problem?

    Is there any start/end tags I should use for the parameter values?

    I appreciate any thoughts and idéas! that can help me forward

    Kind regards

  • Hi and welcome to the forum, Bjorn, :)

    Shelly can only http.

    But perhaps, you can ask the shelly from your server side:




    Sorry, I just see just right now, you're talking about H&T, there it's not possible in this way because the sleep mode.;(

  • Hi Stefan!

    Moved the scripts and other to a non https address and some data are now coming thru.

    I now got humidity, but no temperature or battery values.
    Is the short-codes: tmp.value and bat.value correct or is there other shortcodes to use?

    Thanks for your effort and help!

    Kind regards,

  • Hi,

    following actions URL feature...

    I was able to add listener for Shelly H&T "action" url - is there any more specific documentation on what values can be posted?

    by simply entering my IP/port of the listener in the actions URL I was able to get this details:

    GET //???/??hum=47&temp=24.38 HTTP/1.1
    Content-Length: 0
    User-Agent: Shelly/20200812-091311/v1.8.0@xxxxxx (SHHT-1)

    This can be easily parsed with regex.

    Any chance to get battery level this way?

    This would make full logic of my Shelly H&T integration as push notifier instead of pinging it for status with GET it might update "on change" when it wakes up...

  • Ok,

    So without the extra coding for pinging back to the Shelly (not available to me)
    the only data I can get is the temperature and humidity.

    Here is the URL I have put together and set in my action URL field in my Shelly H&T
    device to get the info back to my server:

    The Shelly H&T device then adds (without me putting any more info to the string):

    Important (as said by Stefan above) the Shelly device cannot connect to a "https://" address.

    I would love to have the battery level also automatically added ie. bat=97
    Where in this example 97 is the percentage of the remaining battery level.

    THEN this little amazing thing would really rock the boat! 😎

    Maybe something that could be implemented in a future firmware?