Dimmer 2 overload after 1 day

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  • Hi

    Installed two dimmer 2-s to two separate rooms with impulse switches. Worked fine yesterday but today both when I turn them on from app or switch they turn off automatically in ~5 seconds. No turn off timer is enabled. Checking /status api I see there's '"overload": true'. Dimmer is connected to one Philips E27 10W led bulb with calibrated trailing edge. Power on default mode is restore last mode and button type is one button mode.

    Reboot, dimming percentage, re-calibration, changing pulse mode and factory reset doesn't seem to change anything. Connected with neutral wire using the "standard wiring with neutral" fig 1 from manual (but no SW2 connection).

    Included 2 status txt files for one when it is running (for the 5 seconds) and one when it turns itself off automatically.



    What does the overload mean when I'm only using 10W bulb?

  • My dimmer2 is running without N too.

    I've 5 LED "LEDARE" form Ikea installed, running without any problems.

    Which version of the firmware is running?

    I'v installed 20200716-100645/v1.7.6

  • Hi, I am in a similar position, I cannot get over 40% with 1.7.6 firmware before I get overload. I downgraded back to 1.7.2 (the one shipped with) and it works fine.

    I am using Fig 2 no neutral

  • ... I downgraded back to 1.7.2 (the one shipped with) and it works fine.


    Thanks for this important detail.:thumbup:

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