Dimmer shut down after few minuters

  • Hi all..

    I bought 4 shelly dimmers few veeks ago and all of them are working great exept one

    it turns of after few minutes..

    i have installed new bulbs

    and did default settings

    also calibrated

    but with no luck. :(

  • Hi class , welcome to the forum. :)


    I bought 4 shelly dimmers few veeks ago


    Your posting is placed in Shelly Dimmer 2, but you write shelly dimmer.

    Which of both do you use? :/

    If Dimmer 2 , is N connected?

  • Sorry for lack of information but its a shelly dimmer 2

    and i have it wired to N

    strange things if i am within 40% the lights are ok:/

    but if i go over it turns of after few....

    sorry for bad english typing its not my language...;)

  • Sorry for lack of information


    sorry for bad english typing its not my language...;)

    You 're welcome.

    Mine neither. ;)

    overpower? overtemperature?

    Please do a hhtp-request:

    ip of your dimmer2/status

    Please post the result here.

  • Same issue - not any solution for this in 6 months? Here is http-request.

    {"wifi_sta":{"connected":true,"ssid":"samZye","ip":"","rssi":-65},"cloud":{"enabled":true,"connected":true},"mqtt":{"connected":false},"time":"13:47","unixtime":1608990422,"serial":7,"has_update":true,"mac":"483FDA9197E0","cfg_changed_cnt":0,"actions_stats":{"skipped":0},"lights":[{"ison":false,"has_timer":false,"timer_started":0,"timer_duration":0,"timer_remaining":0,"mode":"white","brightness":70}],"meters":[{"power":0.00, "is_valid":true, "timestamp":1608990422,"counters":[0.000, 0.000, 0.000],"total":0}],"inputs":[{"input":0,"event":"","event_cnt":0},{"input":0,"event":"","event_cnt":0}],"tmp":{"tC":47.82,"tF":118.07, "is_valid":true},"calib_progress":0,"calib_status":0,"wire_mode":0,"overtemperature":false,"loaderror":0,"overload":false,"update":{"status":"pending","has_update":true,"new_version":"20201124-092706/v1.9.0@57ac4ad8","old_version":"20200818-121046/v1.8.2@36539b0b","beta_version":"20201216-141505/v1.9.3-rc4@146c9bd7"},"ram_total":48824,"ram_free":36188,"fs_size":233681,"fs_free":115460,"uptime":337}
  • I am also having this issue.

    SW1,L,L,O. No neutral. Dimmable GR bulbs. Read forum, recalibrated negative edge. Turn on, indicated power draw, 47W. Continuous read of /status shows temp quickly going over 100C before it shuts off. No overtemp event generated. Before updating firmware - has anyone determined if the problem is understood and does a firmware upgrade help or should I return this device and get a refund...

  • As this device is currently useless, I decided to upgrade the firmware. No difference. Here is the status, showing device indicating >100C and rising (i turned it off to avoid damage), no overtemp state etc.

    Is this device unit defective or is this a systemic issue with this product? I don't want to bother going through the pain of trying to get a replacement device if it's not going to work. Anyone from Shelly on this board who can answer this?

    time":"09:25","unixtime":1610375111,"serial":84,"has_update":false,"mac":"D8BFC019D088","cfg_changed_cnt":0,"actions_stats":{"skipped":0},"lights":[{"ison":true,"source":"http","has_timer":false,"timer_started":0,"timer_duration":0,"timer_remaining":0,"mode":"white","brightness":41}],"meters":[{"power":46.83,"overpower":0.00,"is_valid":true, "timestamp":1610357111,"counters":[45.738, 5.882, 0.000],"total":51}],"inputs":[{"input":0,"event":"","event_cnt":0},{"input":0,"event":"","event_cnt":0}],"tmp":{"tC":100.51,"tF":212.91, "is_valid":true},"calibrated":true,"calib_progress":0,"calib_status":0,"wire_mode":0,"overtemperature":false,"loaderror":0,"overpower":false,"debug":0,"update":{"status":"unknown","has_update":false,"new_version":"","old_version":"20201228-093141/v1.9.3@ad2bb4e3"},"ram_total":48368,"ram_free":35040,"fs_size":233681,"fs_free":114958,"uptime":4075}
  • This sounds like a hardware fault to me, although I would confirm by setting it up on the bench powering something very simple like a 60W incandescent load. If it still shuts down then there is either a fault causing something to heat up excessively hot, or a fault in the temperature sensor causing an excessively high temperature to be measured.