Manual imput voltage on 1 of the phases ?

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  • Hi.

    So i just installed the 3em in my electrical box but i got one problem, the power system here don't got neutral only 3 live wires.

    I have to connect the neutral to one of the live wires that means that one of the phase Voltage reading is 0 I can however see the amp usage.

    Is the any way to just manually input voltage on one of the phases so I at least get a KWh reading in the app ?

  • Hello alzaron


    As far as I know this is not possible. Even if it would be possible you might not be happy with the result because the real voltage is necessary to calculate the energy consumption correct.

    I fear that your use case is not covered by the design of the Shelly 3EM. It is mandatory to have a neutral wire.

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