Temperature addon with 3 sensors

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  • Hello

    I plan to purchase a Shelly 1 EM, plus the temp addon with 3 sensors to manage my air conditioning unit.

    the question is that, having 3 sensors I can use one for ambient temp, other for air exit from the unit, and other for air entry from the unit.

    I'll be able then to measure energy used, room temp, inlet air, exit air. wich is great.

    question is... can the shelly app be configured using a combination of values of this 3 sensonrs? for example (and might not be realistic)

    if room temp is avobe 30 degrees, AND inlet temp is avibe 30 degrees turn AC on.

    If room temp is avobe 30 degrees AND exit tem is avove 30 degrees, turn AC off

    if room tem is avibe 30 OR exit temp is below 25, turn AC off

    can I simulate this options on the app without having to purchase the units?