What am I doing wrong?!

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  • Hi,

    Struggling to see what I am doing wrong and think I must be missing something blindingly obvious....Have looked through posts on this forum and videos, etc and think I have the right setup but can't have. Would really appreciate advice please.

    Before installing Shelly, non-timed extractor fan in bathroom comes on with light switch. When I install the Shelly, the light no longer starts the fan and it can only be started by the Shelly. Before and after wiring diagrams attached.

    I have 3 Shelly 1s. Have checked they work on a friends test rig and have borrowed one of his Shelly's that works correctly. Have same result when I substitute each.

    - O is connected to the fan live terminal

    - I to permanent live via isolation switch

    - SW is connected to switched live output from the light switch

    - L to permanent live via isolation switch

    - N to neutral via isolation switch

    current set up_autoscaled.jpgrequired set up_autoscaled.jpg

  • I'm wondering if the lamp also needs to be connected to the Shelly1 output in order for the switched live Shelly input to work..... It appears to be needed based on the connection diagram, Shelly 1 - 'Turning On/Off monitoring'.....

  • In your second picture there is an obvious issue: your shelly is powered only when the switch is turned on. But it is a network-device which should be powered permanently.

    Also it's not clear what use case do you intend to solve by using the shelly

  • Hello BertHurling,


    You must not connect the lamp in parallel to the "SW"-input of the Shelly. This does not work.

    There are four possibilities to solve your issue:

    1. install a two-pole switch (one contact for the Shelly and the other one for the lamp)
    2. install an interposing relay to isolate the "SW"-input from the lamp
    3. connect the lamp direct to the "O"-output of the Shelly (in parallel to the fan)
    4. install a separate (additional) Shelly for the lamp

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