Shelly for Kitchen Hood light

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  • Diagram.jpgDear all,

    I hope you can help me with my project. I try to link the lights of my kitchen hood in my smart home. I wanted to use a Shelly 1 for this but somehow do not manage to get it right.

    The problem seems related to the fact that the lights are controlled through a central unit. They control a transformer that receives 220V from the unit and returns 11V for the lights. I

    I tried to put the Shelly after the transformer using the 220V to power the Shelly and the 11V through I/O and SW to power the lamps. I also tried to put the Shelly before the transformer switching it directly with the Shelly.

    But somehow the Shelly doesn’t get the switch impulse when I press the electronic switch of the central unit. So I can switch on the light and then use the Shelly to switch on and off. But I cannot use in parallel the switch and the Shelly.

    Any idea how I can get this done?

    Thanks to all!!

  • One additional information which might be the root cause of all my problems: The central electronics slowly dimm the lights on and off. This means, the voltage slowly increases at the transformer over about 5 seconds. Maybe this means the Shelly is not getting the switch impulse?