Hotel Room shelly relay integrations

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  • Can I control/monitor multiple sockets or light circuits in a hotel room (An AC, TV and 4-5 empty sockets + bed/main/bathroom lights and vent) at once using a shelly 1PM in the room's electrical panel? Something like a general switch, but don't know if it can handle everything.

    How about individual control? Do i need a 1PM for each individual circuit ?

    Maybe some1 has a suggestion on how to efficiently use shellys (and which models) in a hotel room with it's own electrical panel.


  • bolohori

    Changed the title of the thread from “Hotel Room imtegration siggestions” to “Hotel Room shelly relay integrations”.
  • I'd go with the latter, 1PM per circuit. Or even better, if it's not urgent - wait for the new 4Pro. It'll feature 16A circuits instead of only 10A. Don't mix phases of different circuits together, that's not going to work. Either you're gonna use a single Shelly 1 per circuit, or 4Pros for four circuits.