Use Shelly 1 without any external switch

  • Hello,

    today I received my Shelly 1.
    What I wanted to achieve is basically to use it to turn on / off lights via Alexa.

    My setup looks like this:

    - brown wire - input Phase > connected to "L”

    - blue wire - input N > connected to "N"

    - brown wire > going to 5 LED array

    - blue wire > going to 5 LED array

    What I tried was to "simply" not attach anything to the "SW" port as I don't have or need an external switch.
    I was somehow hoping, that I could turn the switch on / off via the Shelly app and ultimatively with Alexa in the end.

    I could use the shelly app, add the Shelly 1 as new device, and now I am also able to use the app and tap that virtual "ON" "OFF" switch.
    When I do that I clearly hear the relay's click. But the lights are not switching on.

    When I checked the output ports with the phasing tester, I could see that there was output at all when switching.

    Am I missing something?

    Is this device also meant to work for my scenario or do I need a switch to get this to work?

    Thanks a lot

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  • First of all thanks for your quick response!

    No, my LEDs are permanently off right now.
    They don't turn on.

    If I ignore the right part of you image (switch and transmitter), I realize that I clearly did NOT wire my lights like the receiver / socket setup.

    This is what I did instead:


    Obviously my wiring does not work, so I'll try your suggestion tomorrow.

    Thank you VERY much!

  • This worked like a charm!!

    The only issue that I have is that Alexa won't find the Shelly 1 device.

    Is there any reset procedure that could help?

    I deactivated the Alexa skill and re-activated it again.

    Still no luck.

    I don't need to activate the Shelly Cloud feature to get the device recognized by Alexa do I?



    Thanks! I somehow doubt that it is technically really THAT necessary to have shelly cloud enabled in order for Alexa to find the new device, but hey - I guess that's how things are supposed to work these days :)


  • Hi!

    Totaly new user here. I came here to learn so please don't send me to profesionals :) I don't realy understand this picture from SebMai. The bold borwn line is this extra wire that is connected to live brown wire?

    So the brown is in L I O ports?

    Neutral is only from plug?

    Thanks :)

  • Thanks for fast replay, but this is problem with my understanding. I have two wires that comes from outlet. One brown and one blue. The second brown is from the light? And yes I tested the wires :)

  • What do you mean by outlet? Out of your wall? We cannot tell where does wires come from :) Maybe a picture helps? And I can't tell whether your second brown is from the light. It needs to be wired like in my picture. If you are not sure about it, please let an electrician have a look!

    A mistake there can be deadly!

  • Please look at my picture, I needs to be connected to power, the lamp needs to be connected to neutral wire and O.

    Yours looks like the diagram by fr3sh (lamp connected to O and I). This cannot work as the shelly 1 has a dry contact, so there is no electricity on the lamp with your Setup.

    Why is your shelly open? This looks like your making it quite dangerous, please be careful!

  • Ah shit, I have tought this will be more simple :) I watched some videos now and found out that I don't have the right equipment for this :) Will get some one with a little more experiance :)

    Thanks anyway!

  • I’ve got a similar application without a switch. I would like to be able to remotely turn a doorbell transformer on and off so I can reset my video doorbells. My wiring is black (live) white ( neutral) and bare copper ground. The transformer has black, white and green wires. Should I connect it like Automatise4life‘s post above, substituting the transformer for the light?

  • I have my Shelly 1 hooked up to power per instructions. I am not using it with a switch, just want an outlet that can be controlled remotely. So neutral in the N, line in the L and I. The O connected to the brass terminal of the outlet. I also have a neutral connected to the outlet as well.(see image) I have the Shelly configured on my network and can hear it clicking when pushing the virtual button on the page. Only problem is that the outlet has power no matter what the state of the Shelly.