Unable to view newly added device !

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  • Hello Shelly's friends,

    Please help me with a problem that has been eating me all Sunday and night until Monday, until 4 am in the morning.

    One evening (Saturday 20.06.2020) I received a message from Shelly that updates are available, all devices (Shelly 2.5 and shelly 1), 15 pieces in total.

    In conclusion, I did the update, but today I saw that six shelly 2.5 are offline.

    I stopped and restarted the current on the relays from the spindles, I reset the buttons of the physical switch, 5x, the two Shelly appeared, I integrated them again in Shelly but they still looked like me, offline device.

    Then he ate me somewhere ... and I deleted them from the phone app.

    From that moment I do the same, I restart from the fuses, then from the 5x button, he sees them, he calls me that they are included in my wifi network but I can't find them anywhere to add them in the "room" where I want.

    I reset the router, I uninstalled the application from the phone, nothing.

    In the router at "wireless clients" I can't find the IP-s of the six shelly 2.5 that are causing me problems. As if they had never been associated with the wifi network.

    The router is TP-Link Archer C6.

    This is the idea, although I repeat myself, I restart the spindles, reset button 5x, see them, add them to the wifi network, but I don't see them again, to add them to the Shelly room.

    Exactly the same problem as in the link below, very nicely explained by another user:

    Unable to see newly added device?

    Now the 6 Shelly I don't see anymore, they create an AP, which I can access from but it doesn't help me at all.

    After I add them and that green bar appears at the top as if they are added, he no longer sees them in the Slelly application.

    Not to mention the fact that sometimes it tries to connect to the wifi network of the router, it disconnects and tries to connect randomly on other networks including the AP of the Shelly relay.

    Please help me, until this last update, everything worked great, I loved Shelly.

    Now I don't understand anything, I'm extremely confused, I don't know how to take things, where to start.

    Thank you very much.