Shelly 2.5 connection issues

  • Hi all, I have been using several shelly devices on my home network and from an home assistant installation without problems so far. Starting from a few days, one of the shelly apparently stopped working, when invoked from the home assistant MQTT broker.

    The interesting part is that the shelly is up and running. If I try to reach it from the wireless network, it responds in a very few time. If, instead, I try to contact if from my wired network, it responds very slowly and with a lot of timeouts. When checking from the control panel of my router (a Fritzbox 7390) I see that the shelly is correctly registered to the wifi network (with a static address), that the signal is strong but the data rate throughput is stuck to 1 Mb/s whereas all other devices (including other shelly) exhibit a much higher throughput rate.

    Do you have any ideas on how to fix this?

    Thanks in advance