High(ish) Voltage On Switched Output

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  • Hi all, I am new to the Shelly 1 device and just installed a few without a hitch. That said, I had one I recently installed that would not toggle when the light switch it was connected to would turn on. It would not change the state of the device whatsoever. The relay switch worked just fine for remote operation, but when flipping the light switch I could not get the load/light to come on. So, I measured the voltage across the SW port on the shelly before and after switching. I noticed that when the switch was off I was getting ~65V AC compared to 120VAC when on. I'm not knowledgable enough on these things to know if that's normal or not, but 60 VAC seemed a bit high for the SW port when I would have thought it would be closer to 0. Could this be a faulty device?

  • Is the source voltage 120V or 230V?

    Because normal is 1/2 from source at SW, so you can switch with L or N.

    I think you have another problem.

    Wrong wired or switch with indication lights?

    Normal is 120V. I just tested on another Shelly 1 and the SW port had ~5 VAC on it. It is wired correctly for sure.

  • http://www.thesmarthomehookup.…ploads/2018/08/hookup.jpg

    The Shelly I am having problems with was wired exactly as shown above. However, I've replaced it with another Shelly 1 and it works just fine. The Shelly I am having issues with is on my test bench now. I have it wired the same except I dont have the "SW" or "O" wired anywhere. I just have the line voltage going to "L" and "I" and am measuring the voltage at "SW".

    I did measure the voltage at SW of this device when it was hooked up to the lightswitch as well and it also read ~65V.

    I took another brand new shelly 1 and did the same measurement and got ~5V at the "SW" terminal.

    EDIT - Power supply is an extension cable stripped down and plugged into an outlet.