Remote control for Shelly 2.5 in Roller Shutte mode

  • Hi, a friend of mine and I created a solution (HW + SW) to control the Shelly 2.5 in Roller up by using an Arduino. Basically for every push of a button it moves up, stop, down, stop. This is done by writing in Shelly's URL. This is useful for several resons:

    1. when I wake up I don't want to start talking or grabbing my phone, I just want to push a button and open the blind
    2. You give access only to people with access to a remote. My daughter has only access to her bedroom's blind
    3. confor and ease of use

    The code is ready but the work is far from done. What is needed now ?

    1. to use a smaller Arduino like the ESP-01 adding to it 2*2025 batteries, a voltage regulator to 3.3V, a push button and a 100 ohms or so resistor. This is easy to get.

    2. now, in order to make the batteries last, the ESP must enter Deep Sleep and the LED must be removed. How to implement Deep Sleep is easy (or so I believ). The part I need to investigate is how to wake the ESP when I press a button in order to execute the command. It seems that I need to solder a wire to the Reset pin.
    3. after this I need a case to hold the ESP, voltage regulator, push button and batteries. This can be done with a 3D printer which I don't have or know how to use.

    Attached is the .ino file which I had to add .PDF in order to be able to upload it. Remove the .PDF and you have the arduino sketch.

    Help and ideas are greatly appreciated. Enjoy.

  • Hi Roger,

    Thanks for sharing your idea. :):thumbup:

    Have a nice Weekend.