Shelly 1 connection problems

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  • I have 8 shellys 1 connected to control lamps. It systematically loses the connection (device is disconnected). I have to disconnect the power and reconnect.

    It has the latest firmware version.

    The wifi is very good.

    What's up with this? Can you help?

  • It seems that Shelly does not want to give or has no solution for this.

    More people have reported this in other forums.

    If Shelly doesn't answer or solve the problems we have to switch to other products and classify it as bad assistance from Shelly.

  • I have the same problem for about 2 months ... I have gone crazy combining configurations ... mqtt ... coap ... change router, and nothing. I would say that these problems come from the firmware update in March. I have 5 shellys1 and 5 shellys2.5 and they randomly disconnect and don't reconnect to the wifi.

    I hope Allterco can fix this problem as it seems to be widespread.

  • Hello,

    I am also experiencing this problem. My Shellys are disconnecting from the network with no option going back. They (randomly not all at the same time) just disappear from HomeAssistant and when it happens they are also NOT accessible via their native Shelly's WebGUI, but... they can be turned on-off by a wall switch. It means that their Wifi module is hanging after some time.

    First... I was already talking to some HA plugin developers (suspecting plugins) but it appears it's purely Shelly firmware issue - no other wifi device (I have about 5 others mostly Sonoffs running under Tasmota they are always OK - never had any issue like that).

    Later I started discussions with official Shelly support (raising a ticket on their page). I provided many pieces of evidence asking what I can do for them to provide some information useful to fix it. They did not use it at all... Moreover, after a month of talking (mostly me providing descriptions of conditions, suggestions etc.) they just CLOSED my ticket claiming that... it will be "handed over to firmware developers". Now after firmware upgrade to ver 1.7.0 my Shelly went offline again. Nothing was fixed. It's driving me nuts. I consider it a big shame for this nicely designed device.

    Now, I'm considering developing Home Assistant automation that will trigger all Shelly reboot in the middle of the night - maybe reboots will help (I'll post an update here) but is it a really a solution? The firmware or device has an obvious bug!

    I wonder if anybody else having these problems - can you please describe your conditions so we could share the experiences. I never used a Shelly-cloud, I had always enabled local MQTT control. I was also trying at least two HA plugins to control my Shellies - ShellyForHass (utilizing CoAP) and ShellyDiscovery (utilizing MQTT). In both cases, I had always enabled MQTT (even if ShellyForHASS is not requiring MQTT). Is it possible that this is related to MQTT implementation in firmware (this was suggested by one of HA plugin developers)? If you have such an issue, please provide information - are you using MQTT or have MQTT enabled? If you are not using MQTT and experience such problems can you describe your conditions?

    If developers cannot help I hope the community can be a power to solve it...