Shelly 2.5 crashes my router after pairing with succesfully status

  • Hi, I have a problem, if anybody know solution please reply. I tried to pairing my shelly 2.5 to my 2.4 ghz wifi network. But if i done with papiring in application, My 2.4 ghz wifi network goes offline, and my devices (mobile phone, tv, laptop...) cant connect back to network because after the crash the network is no more available in network list, and if i want to force connect, the router said the entered password is incorrect. I tried multiple router but the result is always same. I tried on asus router, apple time capsule, tp link router. A strange thing: 5ghz network dont goes offline after crash, just 2.4 ghz. Thanks for answers. Donat

  • hmm good point.

    now i have one sagemcom router with 192.168.0.. DHCP start IP and a tp link router with 192.168.1...

    DHCP start IP. these routers is connected each other. Maybe this will cause an ip address conflict?