Shelly2.5 SW stays ON when connected PIR is off - Not sure why..

  • Hi

    I have a Steinel PIR, one that leaves the output line floating (I believe).

    Someone suggested putting a Niko LED light between Shelly SW input and Neutral to pull down the SW input. However for me the binary sensor in Home Assistant continues to say the SW is 'on'.

    When the PIR triggers, I see the Niko LED light turn on, it turns off when the PIR relay opens the circuit again.

    This is the light I'm talking about:


    Here's how I connected it:


    Would anyone have an idea what is wrong and how to 'fix' this?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Hello SebMai

    Thanks for the info. At this moment I am not inclined to replace the PIR sensors.

    Could you explain how it would change the problem when putting it in series?

    Thanks again.

  • Your pir needs a minimum consummation, that's what dosen't work with shelly.

    The LED is this consummation.

    But atm you have sw to N connected so it can't switched when the pir switched to on.

    Possibilities for switching are

    SW - N or SW - L

    At SW is permanent round 130V for switching both ways.

    Have your Pir a relay and when yes. Can you open it and take some pics from the pcb eventually I can help to get it work without the led

  • I have this PIR:…gSHM0bQy-SHk83N_cqsHFFTDY

    You can hear the relay clicking sound when I come into view.

    I changed the LED placement, now it is in series:

    PIR out -----> LED ---> Shelly SW IN

    I notice that the Shelly now correctly says the input is 'off', however, it remains in this state when the PIR switches on. The LED also does not go on, I guess the voltage over the LED is not big enough for it to start conducting

  • Hmm ok, unless there is a none invasive manner to fix this issue I'll just remove the Shelly again until in some distant future I have to buy a new PIR sensor if it breaks. Thanks SebMai for your insights!

  • Hi SebMai,

    I know that this is an old thread and a long shot, but I have the same problem as the OP.

    However, the PIR that I have is deleycon that is rebadged to UKEW. Can you tell me/show me which tracks you cut on the power PCB?



  • Thank you so much for the pictures.

    I actually have the board marked ST-24-2. I deleted the tracks in a couple of places but it did not do any good. I've decided to order some different PIRs with dry contact relays.

    I know there is a method with a sepsrate relay but that's just adding one too many things into the circuit for my liking. Especially when it all has to fit in a ceiling cavity.