Shelly 1 Long / Short action

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  • Hi all :)

    I am a real noob within the whole domotica, wifi switches etc etc but i am having a challenge and hope somebody can help me :D

    So i bougth a Shelly 1 along with a Busch & Jaeger Pulse switch and installed everything within the wallsocket.

    As i am still in testing phase i connected a bulb just to if it turns on and of as i would like to, and it reacts.......|| but not like i wouldt like to hahaha. So the Shelly 1 switch response once i press the pulse button but as soon as i release it it turns off.

    Within the app i checked the actions app and see the options for long and short press what would be ideal to for my setup using long action for "on" and short for "off".

    However unfortunally i spend a whole day trying and searching but unfortunally without any results.

    Is there somebody having the same problem or maybe can explain me what i am doing incorrect?

    Thanks in advanced :saint:

  • Thanks for the tip indeed got it working,

    However its not quite as what i hoped for.

    If i press know shortly 1 time it will turn on and if i press it again short it will turn off.

    Wouldt love to see that if i wouldt press short it wouldt turn on and if i wouldt press long it wouldt turn off.

    Any chance that it can be done ?

  • Ok well it good new to know it will be an option in the near future.

    At this moment i have it setup directly to a bulb for testing purpose, however i want to use in the future to set on/off a alarm system within my home using a Athom Homey.

    So therefor my interest the long/short action more for activating the flows within the Athom Homey.