Shellys close shutters when they loose connection to the wifi network

  • Hi all,

    I've asked this on the Facebook forum, but didn't get too far.

    I've been having issues with some of my Shellys 2.5 (not all of them, maybe 4 or 5), that are managing my roller shutters. Some of them, with no apparent reason, close the shutters automatically. Seem to have a mind of their own... =O

    Firstly I looked at MQTT, since I'm currently managing all Shellys with Home Assistant through MQTT. So, maybe something around the retain flag or something, that's what people on the Facebook forum advised. But no, the issue still remained.

    So I've closed all connections to the shellys (removed all automation from Home Assistant and after that even removed the shellys altogether from HA) and still, same issues.

    Then, finally looked at the wifi connections. I have a Unifi network at home, with 3 APs giving me a very good coverage. But of course, the shellys are on the walls inside electric boxes, so less coverage there, but it should be enough for them to work nicely, right? But some of them report 70% wifi experience in the Unifi dashboard.

    So, through Unifi I tested to force one of the Shellys to reconnect to the wifi network. And, sure enough, the roller shutter being managed by that Shelly did close in a few seconds time. Gotcha.

    Finally, I think I found the root cause.

    But, what I wanted to make sure is, even if the Shelly looses the wifi connection, it should not, in any circumstances, close the roller shutter, or do anything at all. Just reconnect and do nothing.

    I cannot find anything in the configuration of the Shelly that manages that, only thing close is the configuration regarding the loss of power, which I have the STOP option.

    I have 2 more Shelly 2.5 to install on the last 2 roller shutters, but I don't want to do it before I have this figured out...

    Any thoughts? Has anyone had the same issue?


  • Hi jpedro , welcome to the forum. :)

    I've shelly2.5 as rollershutter too. They closed never without a request. I use homematic.

    If you are shure in your observation, please open a ticket to Allterco. Link for this, aou find in our lexicon.

  • ...

    I'll keep this thread updated as I have more info from them...

    Great. :thumbup:

  • Hey @ all!

    It is my first post, too. So ... HELLO! :-)

    @jpedro: I have a WIFI6 (AX) Mesh with ASUS routers (4 of them - all connected over ethernet). Unfortunately some of my 21 Shelly 2.5 behave equal. I also forced some of them to disconnect from the WIFI and - GOTCHA! Few seconds (1 -2 sec) after loosing connection and reconnect the Shelly closes to 0% and remain at this position.

    I am very intereseted in any solution. Thanks for open up a ticket :-)

    Greetz from Germany!

  • jpedro: Are you using ioBroker with mqtt?

    Background: I recently try to inspect the problem. What I figured out is, that I can stop my instance of the mqtt adapter in ioBroker. After starting the instance again I was looking at the LOG. I can see, that the mqttServer was subscribing the different shellys AND some of them are closing directly after the subscribe event. Strange thing: only some of them are closing - not all. But the hard fact is, that I can reproduce that behavior.


  • Ok... Maybe I found a hint to the solution. I recently checked all settings again (shelly and mqtt in ioBroker). From my point of view there is an unfortunate condition.

    In ioBroker there is a setting for the mqttBroker


    (copy from my ioBroker) file.php?key=n_e0gn02jfjobqu5gpvujbb_rsom9cua&expires=1592611200&signature=6307fc6dff196e18069771256a6945aed229ac6f&id=13412

    (copy from - settings)

    So... On each reconnect the server "publish" the last known state to the connected client. If there is an unknown or false state, the roller shutter is reacting on the and changes its position. So if the setting I mentioned above is set to "true" I can reproduce the strange behavior of the roller shutter. Is the setting set to "false" (shown in the pic) I cant reproduce the strange behavior while I start/stop or restart the mqtt instance of the ioBroker. By now I am testing wheter the problem remain while reconnect to WLAN after loosing connection. My assumption is that its also gone.

  • Hello,

    I'm new @ Shelly and with almost no background on IOT.

    So to try out I've purchased a shelly 2.5 to my roller shutter in the living room.

    I don't know why, but I've made the weekly schedule to open the window at 8:00h and passed already 2 days and didn't do anything.

    To my surprise I've open the app shelly and the setting that I've made for the weekly schedule disappear!!!

    Also found a frequent loss connection when I try to make any setting on weekly schedule.

    Might be a firmware issue, no?

    Can someone hep?

    I will be honest... the KingArt Courtan Switch from Sonnof never make any problem, just changed to Shelly because I don't trust that much the Chinese stuff without European certification.



  • You should open a new Ticket at Alterco and/or maybe open a new Thread in this forum because the topic discussed here does not match with your issue.

    Have you made your schedule in the App or via web interface?

    btw.: I would not compare those two things (kingart vs shelly). Not only because of the certificate... possibility and build is also different.

  • BlackHawk1942 we have seen a very similar use case in our home. I have checked your comment about republising situation. On our side we use mosquitto mqtt broker in a docker. I have checked mosquitto.conf manual but did not see any useful. Do you have any guess which parameter can be the right one?

    I guess on your shell2.5 you set retain and clean session to true, right? Can you reupload or send the pictures that you have made it looks like now it is not available.

  • Hi all, I have the same problem. In my case I have Hassio with mosquitto mqtt broker, I don't find how to apply your changes on mosquitto mqtt broker. @bocsitomcsi how did you fix the problem on mosquitto broker?