Calibration problem (<4w consumption)

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  • Hi all, I have just installed my shelly 2.5 as roller shutter following the guide here:…HGxXYm3IEwzmD0r7gKlF4LC7g

    Shelly configured as roller shutter mode and when testing the power consumption "1. First check if the power consumption works correct" the app reports a less than 1W consumption as per attachment.

    Performed a twice reset and also factory reset, no changes... calibration cannot be com

    What can I do next?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Stexxe , welcome to the forum.:)

    Officially, this will not work due to the low load.

    What you can try is:

    • Measure the travel times
    • Connect 2 light bulbs to the shelly to simulate the engine.
    • You start the calibration and switch off the corresponding lamp when the previously measured runtime has been reached.
    • When the second lamp lights up, switch the first on again and vice versa until the calibration has been completed.

    Then you connect the roller shutter again.

    Good luck. ;)

  • Hi,

    I have the same 4W problem as my shuther is contrable through both a telecontroller and a pushbutton and therefore has a low voltage receiver.

    Firstly, I tried the light bulbs trick but was having problems with it (don't know why). Then I realized that I have another shutter with the same size as the problematic one (same travel times) but without the telecontroller low voltage receiver so I connected Shelly to this one to calibrate it.

    I suceeded on it and the shutter started to show the positioning bar, but when I put my Shelly 2.5 again in the problematic one, it wasn't able to position the shutter in the position I want. For instance, If the shutter is up, and I put it at 50%, it starts goind down and suddenly the cursor goes to 0% and the shutter closes completely. Same doing the opposite from down to up not being able to stay at the position I want.

    I was wondering if it needs more than 4W power not only in the calibration process, but also during its regular working.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Thanks 66er for your quick response.

    Obstacles detection is disabled and security interruptor is disabled by default as I don't use a single button input.

    I just have enabled max power protection at 1840W. I've just checked to disable it and it's still happening the same, it just ignored the position that I want and keeps progressing to the end (and the position marker in the app too, going from 100% to 0% no matter what I choose).

    Don't have a clue on what to do.. to be honest..



  • Hi Antonio,

    I also had issues with the calibration of the roller shutter. In my Shelly configuration I had to enable swap input mode and reverse directions. As it turned out I was only able to calibrate them, when the reverse directions was disabled, otherwise I got the error message about <4W consumption.