What do I need for 2 way?

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  • I'm in uk and I want to control my landing light which can be switched from the hall or the landing, plus I have no neutral wire at each switch plus I the light to be controlled by my Smartthings hub ... just wanted to know if any Shelly switches could help, if so what I need to buy and what hoops I may need to jump thru?

  • You can mount the Shelly1 above the ceiling rose.

    Only do this if you're confident with electricity and switch the power off at the fusebox.

    You need to take short leads from live and neutral in the rose to L & N on the Shelly1. Remove the feed which is on the live side of the bulb and connect to SW on the Shelly1 and take a lead from O to where you've just taken the wire from. You also need a short link from L to I. Switch the power back on and it should work.

    You don't need to do anything with the switches but I have replaced all my light switches with 'retractive' ones (like bell pushes rather than switches - available from Toolstation or ScrewFix). The reason for that is that the switches and Shelly1 get out of sync if you switch it using the app or HA software - ie the lamp is off but the switch is on.

  • ty sounds good, I'm sure I can grab that wiring diagram is somewhere. What about controlling it via Smartthings ... is this straight forward?

    Also I heard the term shelly 1 and shelly 2 .. is the shelly 2 actually the 2.5? and how does that differ?

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    Hi oliversweb , welcome to the forum. :)


    is the shelly 2 actually the 2.5? and how does that differ?

    Yes, it is,

    The 2.5 also has power measurement per channel. ;)