Temperatur-Addon with DHT22 goes Homematic - with original firmware

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  • © 2020 Stefan K. (aka 66er)

    Today I can introduce the integration of the temperature addon with sensor DHT22 on Shelly1.

    Shelly TA 2.png


    The coupling requires an existing integration of a Shelly1 according to these instructions. It has been tested on Shelly1, but should also work 1: 1 on the Shelly1PM (without guarantee).


    First of all we need a system variable for the values "temperature" and "humidity" of the addon, which is linked to the corresponding Shelly1.

    SV TAv2.png

    You can freely choose the variable names, but they cannot contain spaces!

    Now all you need is a script that is inserted in the update program (see coupling instructions Shelly1) as another THEN line:

    I strongly recommend integrating the online status of the Shelly1 in the IF in the update program so that the script is only executed when the Shelly is online. Otherwise there may be delays in the overall process of the Homematic installation!

    Have fun with it :)