External temprature sensor value error/bug? extra ':' returned??

  • Hi,

    I have a Shelly1PM with two external temperature sensors (from the shelly website), connecting via MQTT to Home Assistant.

    In the devices web page i can see the readings fine, and also the units internal temperature fine.

    But when i view the external temperature sensors values in home assistant (or MQTT Explorer), they are returned with an extra ':'.

    For example the data value returned on topic shellies/shelly1pm-xxxxxxx/ext_temperature/0 is ':23.19' where is should just be the numeric value '23.19'.

    There is the same problem returning values from topic 'ext_temprature_f'

    The internal temperature value is fine, queried by shellies/shelly1pm-xxxxxxx/temperature

    I'm using the current firmware v1.5.10, is this a bug in the firmware?

    Or is there any way to format the return message data to remove the first character?

  • Thanks for the information. :thumbup: