TRV not connecting anymore + How to stop TRV's during summer ?

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INFO !!!
We get over and over again by mail from the users that their devices can not log into the cloud.
Error message: Device belongs to another user !
How to fix this message you can find under the following link:

We do not answer any more inquiries by mail, because it is beyond our capacities.
Thank you for your understanding
PS: The instructions work 100%.

(Detlef Mertsch)

  • Hi, i have bought 2 TRV and connected them with success. Then i have bought 2 more but still not yet connected.

    In meantime 1 of the first TRV connected lost the connection. So i tried to reconnect it but i cannot.

    I try to reset it with the reset button, it is indicating AP, then from the Shelly App on my Android i can go to ADD Device, select the wifi network, then select the TRV, then it says TRV has been connected, but in the app it still shows "connecting".

    Now i don't have access anymore to the reset button. When i try to click on it, there is nothing inside, looks like the reset button has disappeared inside the TRV, so i cannot reset it again.

    In the end this TRV is now totally not usable.... ==> i have opened a ticket to the Shelly support


    Other question : when the summer arrives i stop my heating system. So, is there a simple way to tell all TRV that they have to stop working ?