Firmware 1.11.8 for Gen1 devices is released

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INFO !!!
We get over and over again by mail from the users that their devices can not log into the cloud.
Error message: Device belongs to another user !
How to fix this message you can find under the following link:

We do not answer any more inquiries by mail, because it is beyond our capacities.
Thank you for your understanding
PS: The instructions work 100%.

(Detlef Mertsch)

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  • Cannot confirm this observation! My Shellies are telling me - both in WebUI and in the App - that 1.11.8 is the newest firmware and no newer would exist.

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  • Out of curiosity,

    How is the flickering issue resolved internally for the Dimmer2? Are you able to share the technical details for this?

  • Hey, I've triggered firmware updates on two of my Shelly Plug-S devices and then noticed that for example wifi signal strength reporting via MQTT stopped working on one of them. Digging into this I'm a bit confused:

    It seems the /info message is never published any more for that one, while it still is for the other. So I compared the firmware versions of the two and the working one is on 20220209-094058/v1.11.8-g8c7bb8d while the other one is on 20200309-104506/v1.6.0@43056d58, however it also says that there is no new firmware available.

  • So i seem to have the same issue as others where the dimmer 2 works , but then every so often flickers. I have even had it where the lights go out and the the shelly goes off line.

    There is no neutral but there is the bypass installed

    At the stage where they are all about to be removed as this is completely unacceptable, and also a health and safety risk due to flickering.

    If i understand this has been fixed in firmware 1.11.8, which was installed but has been rolled back.

    Has any one got the some setting which limits this issue, and how do get on the beta

  • Ignore my last post, all shelly devices have been removed , as a pass through exploded!!!!

    All wired properly, pass though was required as no neutral.

    Once of the dimmer2 devices kept dimming the lights and also sent a DHCP request each time they dimmed.

    I set a static IP to prevent the behaviour, as a test, It work for a short period then completely lost its IP!

    Tried a factory reset and the dimmer started to turn the lights on and off every second or so for a few minutes until the pass through exploded!!!

    Dos any one know of any smart dimmers which don't require neutral

    Work correctly

    DONT EXPLODE , its a health and safety risk in my view

    one very unhappy ex customer for shelly!!!!

  • Code
    I recently provided my shelly plugs with the latest firmware update. But now you hear a very high-pitched beeping sound with the shellys, do more people suffer from this?
  • Hi to everyone and especially to this thread's admin,

    I really appreciate all the efforts of getting rid of the flickering issue, thank you.

    Although, after this long odyssey, unfortunately I can't confirm from my side that the issue is resolved, yet - to get some relieve from the pain I decided to change my user name in "No worries" ;)

    In my case (1x Dimmer 2 driving 150W of halogen lamps, 4x Dimmer 2 driving various LED lamps) I observed only very rare cases where one of my LED driving dimmers unexpectedly changed dimming level forth and back. Nothing disturbing much, but I thought I could still improve and therefore upgraded all of my 5 dimmer modules. I upgraded all of them to beta version v1.11.9 with the result that from this moment on all the lamps couldn't be dimmed anymore from 0-100% but only from 0 to about 50%. Above 50% power didn't increase anymore. In case of the halogen lamps power was limited to about 90W. This means from 50-100% dimming level, power remained @ 90 Watts.

    Downgrading to V1.11.7 didn't help. I then downgraded to my original V1.9.4 and dimming again works perfectly from 0-100% with power ranging from 0-150W in case of my halogen lamps. Unexpected dimming level changes will of course remain. Other firmware versions I didn't check.

    Is there eventually a new setting I didn't figure out with v1.11.7 and up, responsible for the power limiting behavior? Or is it "just" new firmware = new bugs?

    Thanks in advance for all support!

  • H&T-Device send status report every 5 seconds without a changing measurement value and without changing the values at all in such a sequence for around 32 to 34 times.


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