Shelly pro 4pm problem break

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INFO !!!
We get over and over again by mail from the users that their devices can not log into the cloud.
Error message: Device belongs to another user !
How to fix this message you can find under the following link:

We do not answer any more inquiries by mail, because it is beyond our capacities.
Thank you for your understanding
PS: The instructions work 100%.

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  • Hello,

    i connect shelly pro to one contactor or any motor with reel, when switch turn on everything is ok, when switch turn off shelly break and restart every time. I dont understand the problem.

    I need use any filter? the motor send any interference to back?

    i use this to protect shelly and the problem is same:

    firmware version: 0.9.1

    thanks for help

  • Welcome to the forum, Bruno Resende !

    Obviously, there exists an issue with inductive load at Shelly pro 4PM. Please have a look at this thread: Click! (Mostly in German language - you may use a translation app…)

    It seems some users have solved the issue with snubbers across the relay coil.

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