Shelly in two different houses

  • Hi.

    I have installed 4 shelly in my home to control room lights.

    Now I want to do the same in my second home. How can I group these lights in the App to differentiate home 1 and home 2, without having the list as they were lights of a single home?




  • I use Shellys in two houses splitting the Shellys into different rooms without any issues. I even use the same static IP addresses in the two houses.

    The problem is that if tell Alexa to "turn on kitchen lights", she will turn on kitchens lights in both houses...

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  • Interesting project.

    I have a similar project, but my problem is consumption.

    I´ve made this with two differnt room´s. But in the total consumption are they together. With two kitchens is this an other thing.

    What´s with an other name for one off the kitchens light´s?

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