Motion sensor and Alexa - doesn't trigger routines

  • Hi,

    So i've got a motion sensor and a shelly light. If i create a shelly scene that when a motion is detected the bulb will light. It works. I deleted it and wanted to connect the motion device to Alexa.

    I was able to add the motion sensor to my devices and it even get updated whenever there's a motion. I wanted to create a routine where when it has a motion detected, it will light the bulb. This just doesnt work, the routine is never triggered! The device in the alexa app shows me a motion is detected but the routine is not run!

    I even tried the virtual trick i saw on your youttube channel. didnt work either.

    I tried a factory reset for the motion sensor, tried to remove the shelly cloud skill and re-enable, discovered devices again.. nothing, it just doesnt work. I'm very disappointed

    BTW, I'm from Israel if that matters for some reason as it's not a "formal" Alexa country, but all my other devices work just fine with Alexa: lifx, tp link, tuya etc.

    Never had such a problem with any of my smart devices in Alexa.. this is the first one that just doesnt work.

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  • I tried to reproduce the problem.

    Alexa works as expected with the Motion for me.

    Which lamp should be switched?? A Shelly-Bulb or a Shelly1 or 1PM in the light switch?

    If so, why don't you use the possibilities with DDD (Http-Requests)?

  • woke up this morning and the routines started working, no idea why but dont care :)

    i can now change to routine to turn on other non shelly devices.