Info AGG Firmware shelly H&T

  • Good day.

    I purchased a shelly H&T to monitor temperature and humidity and then use it with scenes to run things....

    the problem i have is this:

    At the moment I try to add the device to the shelly app I am prompted to update the firmware.

    I confirm the update, it seems to start in fact the led starts flashing but after a few seconds the intermittence of the led increases for 8/10 times then stops and nothing happens.

    Trying again to add it to the app, it asks me again for the firmware update and so on.

    The device mounts the firmware: 20181128-144724/??? and would like to update it to the last one that today is 20210909-144612/v1.11.4-DNSfix-ge6b2f6d.

    but this does not happen.

    Is there anyone who can help me understand why I can not update the device?

    Maybe I have some procedure to do before updating?

    Thanks for your help.