First day with Dimmer 2, it's great but two bugs

  • My first Shelly device arrived today just in time for my electrician. Overall it is awesome, the configuration in the web interface was super intuitive and after configuring correctly it only took two taps to add it to my Home Assistant setup. Amazing!

    However, two bugs. Neither came up in a quick Google search so curious if these are common:

    - Wi-Fi SSID invisible to the app, despite no issues from my phone.

    I could be on my normal wifi, no-wifi or the shelly wifi and in all three scenarios, the Shelly app never saw the Shelly wifi SSID even after many refreshes. Interestingly the Android app could see wifi access point SSIDs that normally never show up. Neighbours' devices that are normally out of range. The native wifi configuration could always see the new Shelly SSID, from 10 m or 10 cm (but not all those other SSID). This is a bad first experience but once I found the option online I had no problems. I'll uninstall the app.

    I speculate that the app is only returning a fixed number of SSID and unfortunately is truncating the list to about 5-10 without the Shelly dimmer. This is just a guess.

    - the web interface minimum brightness percentage is ignored over MQTT

    It is really smart how the configuration is automatic and then setting a minimum with a warm-up allows dimmable LED lights to be used at their stable minimum. I tuned this to repeatable perfection at 4% (and warm-up of 100ms at 10%). However, as soon as I added this to Home Assistant with MQTT I found the lights would turn off at 1% or be unstable at 3%. When going back to the web interface it behaved as originally configured (after moving brightness up to re-trigger the logic). This is a bit disappointing.

    Has anyone else experienced either of these issues?

    Otherwise, I am a happy customer