Overview: common mistakes and problems

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INFO !!!
We get over and over again by mail from the users that their devices can not log into the cloud.
Error message: Device belongs to another user !
How to fix this message you can find under the following link:

We do not answer any more inquiries by mail, because it is beyond our capacities.
Thank you for your understanding
PS: The instructions work 100%.

(Detlef Mertsch)

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    You've probably already looked at the beginner tips and the first aid kit (currently only available in German) !? :/

    If they didn't help, please have a look at the pinned posts in the individual sub-forums. There you will find further important and helpful information. ;)

    Below is a list of common causes of problems with Shelly products.

    The list is continuously updated, but does not claim to be complete. ;)

    The alarm is not transmitted or is not displayed in the log

    Actuatorproblem / error patternRemedy
    all Shelly
    Shelly cannot be integrated into WLAN or app, does not provide any data via MQTTRouter incompatible?
    Shelly and (partially) incompatible network components
    Problems with integration into the SHELLY CLOUD app
    Tips for beginners B2 (for WiFi)

    Shelly doesn't like hidden SSID or special characters in it.
    Shelly cannot be found in the app despite a positive message in the roompossibly the Shelly is in HIDDEN DEVICE, check and correct the assignment there via "Edit" (pen)
    Shelly is switched on, pops and the fuse falls, smell of burning (this may also only happen a few days after commissioning)Switching voltage on the SW is on a different phase than the supply voltage, thus 400V on the Shelly -> check and correct connection
    Problems with the glow lamp in the switch or buttonFind the solution here (German thread)
    Error message: Bad default state, botton type combinationAdjust Power on default mode
    Shelly should switch itself (via Actions)To do this, the IP address in the http request must be replaced by "localhost" (without quotation marks).
    all with relay contactConsumers stay on even though Shelly is switched offThe cause are mostly sticky relay contacts. This problem arises from very high inrush currents.
    Remedy: Install inrush current limiter.
    230V Shelly (without lamp)Shortly after commissioning, there is a bang when switching on, at least 1 fuse drops, as well as the FI, if presentIn almost 100% of the cases it is a connection error! This error pattern occurs when a different phase is switched for the software than is used for the voltage supply at "L". This means that 400V are applied to the Shelly at the moment of switching.
    Shelly with switch with control light it does not workThe solution can be found in this (German) article
    battery-powered ShellyDevice keeps going offlineThis is not a mistake.
    To save the battery, all battery-operated Shelly go into sleep mode. Lexicon entry for this.
    Your batteries only last a very short time and are then emptyCR123 - Übersicht
    serves for orientation based on the experience of other users.
    Shelly App
    Cloud problems or access problems in the WLAN
    (shelly offline)
    A very good alternative is the ShellyPilot app , which is currently only available for Android.
    Shelly1You want to make your garage door control smartShelly1 is the first choice and there are already numerous contributions in the sub-forum.
    The appropriate circuit diagram can be found in the lexicon
    Shelly 2.5
    The calibration of the roller shutter actuator causes problemsPay attention to the minimum load and the topic of isolating relays, more in the contributions of the sub-forum
    switches off due to excess temperature!Unfortunately a common problem that actually only occurs in relay mode, especially with poor or no ventilation / tight installation or excessive continuous load. The factory specification is clearly not achieved.
    Shelly 3EM
    Measured values not plausiblesee this (German) thread
    Shelly Button1Settings are not savedSet Remain Awake (battery) to 5,
    make settings in USB mode
    Shelly DimmerSwitching on and off works, not dimmingConnection error: L and O reversed -> check and correct connection
    "Ghost" circuitsPower On Default mode from "On" to "Off"
    Shelly Dimmer2
    Error 1
    No change in the operating voltage when operating without N possibly check minimum load
    Error 2
    Calibration failed, as there was no change in performance during calibration recalibrate
    Error 4
    Supply voltage problem

    Opening and closing is not reliably detectedCheck alignment, magnet and sensor don't have to sit as close together as many assume. (There are some pictures for working montages in the threads of the sub-forum)

    Assembly instruction
    Device keeps going offlineThis is not a mistake. To save the battery, all battery-operated Shelly go into sleep mode.
    unexpected flashing, no AP after resetCheck / replace batteries
    Shelly FloodThe alarm is not transmitted or is not displayed in the logUsually when testing the flood is "drained" too quickly. In order for the alarm to appear in the log, the flood must have an alarm until the end of the transmission, i.e. it must be in the water
    Shelly H&TDevice keeps going offline (WLAN)This is not a mistake. To save the battery, all battery-operated Shelly go into sleep mode.
    Shelly Motion
    Device keeps going offline (WLAN)This is not a mistake. The Motion also goes into a partial sleep mode.
    Shelly TempAddon
    No display of the valuesusually a wiring problem -> check and if necessary use better terminals or solder

    Firmware up-to-date? The add-on was not yet available on very old firmware, so it is not recognized!
    does not appear to be recognizedReboot Shelly with the addon
    The add-on may only be plugged in or unplugged when the Shelly is de-energized,
    Unexpected / no display or functionAttention:
    Only plug in or unplug the Temp add-on when the Shelly is de-energized!
    Test reboot.
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