A typical day with SHELLY

  • Everything working great before bed time, wake up, 1 motion sensor off line, 1 motion sensor lights wont go off anymore. 1 shelly-PM off line, Go thru including them again, some will show up then go off line again, 1 The drop down box wont ever show up, Cant connect using IP in browser.

    I have truly learned to hate these, Have over 35 installed. Yes Yes been thru support, ect ect.

    I would have pulled them all out by now, Don't have time. These may work for most people but they will never go main stream, most people wont be be able :cursing: to work thru issue that show up.

  • I'm so sorry you are having this experience. I do not have such, and all devices I could make them work with my environment. Maybe it has something to do with your WiFi setup? Or some other reason. But I can vouch sincerely that one can get them to work reliably and correctly. It does take some research effort though, and really... for me that's kind of their appeal. That only imagination is the limitation when using Shelly devices. I currently have around 130 devices working together on my network, and also some devices from other vendors (like Gude GmbH). I must say, Shelly is best value for money I encountered.
    Yes, I had a few 'dead on arrival's and 'dead after only 3 months', especially where the relay is concerned. But then, these are such cheap devices, and I use so many, a dead rate is to be expected.

    But there is no way I could have engineered all this automation in my home without Shelly devices, at this price point.

    Note: I am not affiliated with Shelly in any way, simply a paying customer.

  • Update! After rebooting router, Resetting shelly1 pm at least 8 times, going to setting up static IP,

    Trying spare shelly1 pm, Only once did the drop down box appear then told me it was already included. With over 20 working in the house I wouldn't think it was my router issue. Never did get the motion sensor back up.